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CAM/3DVD/HB: The Camelot Interview "The Realities of Ascension"

CAM/3DVD/HB: The Camelot Interview "The Realities of Ascension"

The Camelot Interview "The Realities of Ascension": Recorded live April 1, 2010.


On April 1st, 2010, Kerry Cassidy, a co-founder of Project Camelot, interviewed Ashayana Deane in what was initially expected to be a 2- to 3-hour interview. What actually occurred was an incredible 8-hour co-creation and exchange that encapsulated the body of work known as Keylontic Science in a brilliantly sequenced, stepped-down framework that has been titled the Realities of Ascension. Ashayana distills information from at least 10 years of transmissions from the Guardian Alliance (brought through using electronic data-streaming, not channeling) into a beautifully sequenced, graph-assisted lecture that covers a huge range of topics, revealing the order, mechanics, and intricate structure inherent to natural organic Creation, the context within which either Ascension or Fall occurs, and the truth about the self-serving aliens associated with the Fall Systems. There is information on 15-Dimensional Universal structure; Re-evolutionary Determinism; the God-Source Consciousness Field; the Eckashi Expansion of consciousness; Hara Bodies; Time Vectors; Event Horizons; the Core, Inner, Middle, and Outer reality field Domains (each with their unique states of matter and consciousness); the Eyughas; the KaLE-Yugha turn-around (also called the Adashi turn-around or Krystar turn-around); the Adashi Return Cycles of Ascension; and the three paths of the Kryst — Ascension, the KaLE-RAma Step-back, and the KaLE-DEma Kryst Fall. Other topics include the audible sound tones of Creation and the origin of the word KRYST; the Elum’Eir-adhona Spirit Body and its Na-VA-Ho Core Flows, which represent a number of ancient planetary Interface Gate “rescue” systems; the Fallen Amenti Star-Gate System (the majority of which currently opens into Fallen Black Hole Systems); the association between the kinds of DNA activation and Interface Gate passage; the false Ascension programs found throughout today’s New Age Movement; and Fallen Thothian Death Star mechanics. The interview also covers important information on the difference between Living ShaLAah “Light” and finite Sho-Na “Light,” and distinguishes between Death Star mechanics and the eternal-life Kathara Grid Template mechanics in Keylontic Science, comparing the configuration of the natural Yan-Yun Flows within living solar systems (that carry our natural “solar symbiosis”) to the distorted yin-yang flows (and associated vesica piscis phase-lock) in our Solar System, with its 23.5-degree tilt (and wobble). Viewers next catch the “activation wave” within the diagrams on the structure of the Stairway to Heaven, its embedded core Krystic Templates and how they form a living network throughout the living macrocosm and microcosm, the Probability Maps and our Earth’s position in the Falling Milky Way, the Harmonic Gate System (the slow Ascension Path), and the Transharmonic Gate System (the fast or “evac” Ascension Path), which requires a specialized type of Merkaba training that is now being taught in the Sliders and Silver Seed Awakening classes. There is also pertinent information on where and how the black-hole Universes interface with our Milky Way; the Fallen Parallel Micca-Mecca Complex; the distorted Cycle of the False Yugas; the Fallen Toral Rift Time Rip; the motivation behind the black-hole tandem External Merkaba “feeding” systems and the Fallen “consciousness” of their associated races; the Fallen WesaLA Matrix; the “many-billion” year history of the Fallen reptilian Dra-gha-YUN (Dragon) Equari race; the Green and Red Dragon FA “teams”; robot-clone races; the role of the twisted Planetary “Rods” in impending planetary Pole Shift; the 6 Extinction Events; the distorted precession of the equinoxes; solstice black-hole alignments; the battle-star Wormwood; Fallen planets including Clarion and Maitraiya; the Poison Apple configuration of the Metatronic NET fields (responsible for ongoing mass human DNA mutations and race memory wipes); and the truth about the Fallen “Angel Trumpets.”


The discussion on Cosmic Structure continues, delving into the dark-matter template (Elemental Command template) and its crystalline 15-Ring & 15-Span structure; the associated energetic Spherical and Vertical Maps (each of the 15 levels in dark matter correspond to a physical layer on Earth and in our bodies); the Prana Seed that allows the flow of living currents between the Rasha Body, Spirit Body, and Light Body; the closure of our Sun’s Prana Seed and the resultant Bhardoah process (the Sun’s Rasha body is now separating from its Light body and this leads to a gamma burst each time a Ring releases); the Krystic Aqualene Sun Buffer Field; the Aurora Platforms associated with the ancient Ascension Gate Systems; aquifer passageways; the biomes of the middle mantle; the Mirror Ball Blend Fields; the NET (Nibiruian Electrostatic Transduction) fields that control the atomic and biochemical levels and the Epigenetic Overlays of the DNA; the Fall of Atlantis to Phantom Earth; and Earth’s commission as a place of healing (Earth as “a nursery”) for the Bio-regenesis of races and her choice to go on the KaLE-RAma Step-back Path. There is also interesting information on the original Amenti Star-Gate (SG) System, the 12 Cue Sites, the Parallel SGs, the Trinity SGs, the Arc Hub Gates, and the Polarian Gates; the spirals of Creation and the pertinent differences between the Eternal Life Krystal Spiral and other finite-life FiB Of NO Chi (Fibonacci) and Golden Mean spirals; Krystic Merkaba; the Krystar Crystal Capsule, Krystal Temples, and the Silver Seed Awakening; the Guardian Alliance “mission upgrades” instigated in response to escalation of the Falling Milky Way Drama; the First Stage of Ascension with Bi-location and projection “in Orb” and the “Jha-DA’ Body”; and the creation and evolution of the eternal consciousness cycles, including the Pre-Partiki, Na-VA-Na, and Na-VE-Na Cycles, the SEda Ecousha-TA Cycle (where the Spirit Body of a being is formed), the Lightborn Cycle (when the Light Body is born), the Starborn Cycle, the God Born Cycle, and finally the Kryst Born Cycle at the point of turn-around to the Adashi Return Ascension Cycles. The lecture on this DVD concludes with discussion of the amazing Cosmic Probability Maps; the interrelationship between the Falling and Rising time waves of the Metatronic and Krystal Spirals respectively; the AnshaTAsa Passage and our 200-year time frame to keep the Ascension Path open; the Krystal River Host; the pertinent alignments and their dates between now and December 21, 2012; the “End Times” Fallen agenda for 2012 that was “told of” in the Mayan calendar; the June & December solstice black-hole alignments; “inside” information about the trickery surrounding certain diets and supplements; burials versus cremation; the point after conception at which fetal integration occurs; the adverse effects of suicide; and finally, the true gift in “being in body.”


This final part of the lecture covers the 2012 End Times Drama Showdown via critical black-hole alignments with our Solar System and Galaxy (a Drama that is way beyond the Fallen Anunnaki and Drakonian races); the Wingmakers and Corteum (two related Fallen races) and their eons-long conflict over the 7 Broken Arrow Sites, ownership of Blank Slate Technology (BeaST), and the Toral Rift; and finally acquiring immunity from the Metatronic-55 activation before and during the 2012 alignments. Azurite Press: Comes with a 78 page handbook featuring several color graphs.

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